How To Set Up GoDaddy Email

If you want to buy a domain and need hosting for your new website, you need to sign up for GoDaddy. In this tutorial, I will show you “How To Set Up GoDaddy Email” and also changing passwords and linking to Android, iPhone, and Outlook.

What is GoDaddy?

GoDaddy is one of the largest, highest-profile web hosts in the world. You can buy a domain for your new website or also buy ask for hosting. There are other platforms that you can use for this purpose but GoDaddy is one of the largest havings over 18.5 million customers and over 7,000 employees.

Set Up GoDaddy Email

GoDaddy offers robust customer services and that sometimes a different perspective on issues is all you need. Not only it offers Domain and web hosting but it also offers WordPress, Web Security, Websites Marketing, and Email and office as well.

Let us head to the tutorial on How To Set Up GoDaddy Email and also how you can link it to Android, iOS, and Outlook.

Setting up GoDaddy email login

The email service that is used by GoDaddy is called Workspace Webmail. This email service is feature dense and that also comes with Web Login. It is also easily compatible with Outlook and many other email clients. There is no huge difference between setting up its email across different platforms.

If your email uses POP3 or IMAP, Setting up GoDaddy email is pretty straightforward. In order to find out if your email uses POP3 or IMAP, log into your Webmail and see if you have the Unlimited Email plan. The Unlimited Email Plan supports IMAP right now. If you don’t have this plan, your account is likely POP3.

Later in this article regarding How To Set Up GoDaddy Email, I will show you how you can link it to your other devices like smartphone.

How To Set Up GoDaddy Email

Signing up is pretty easy and you can either sign up or log in to your Webmail Service using this page. If you don’t want to login from the mentioned page, you can also login to mail from your cPanel page. It is not recommended to login from your cPanel as it is not convenient for everyday use.

How to Reset your Workspace Webmail password

If you want to change your GoDaddy Webmail Service password, simply follow below steps to get it done.

  1. First of all, log in to Workspace Webmail.
  2. Choose Email, then go to Settings, and then Personal Settings.
  3. It will ask for the current password, give your current password.
  4. Select a new password and type it into the “New Password” box and Confirm a new Password box.
  5. Then, select OK and you will be able to use your new password.

It is quite obvious that once you change the password on your Windows, you need to change it on all other devices like if you have linked it with Android or iOS, you need to change it there as well.

The reason we made it a part of our “How To Set Up GoDaddy Email” article is because one may want to change password very often.

Link GoDaddy Workspace Webmail to your Android phone

The GoDaddy Workspace Webmail can be accessed through the Android browser or Android email app. Itis convenient to use the app. Not only this, but it also has GoDaddy email app too, and you can give it a try. But it is totally dependent on the phone you have and the version of Android, there may not be a default email app. Follow below steps to us it on Android.

  1. First, open an email on your Android device. Different brands offer email services like mine is Huawei Mail as I am using Huawei smartphone.
  2. Then, select Menu and on the menu got to Accounts.
  3. Select Add Account.
  4. Then it will ask you for details where you should enter your GoDaddy email address and password into the boxes.
  5. Then select your preferred server like IMAP or POP3.
  6. If it asks for GoDaddy email again, add it there as well.
  7. After that, enter your incoming mail server and that is also dependent on your choices like ‘’ and Port 110 for POP3 or ‘’ and Port 143 for IMAP.
  8. Enter the outgoing SMTP server as ‘’ and Port 80.
  9. Security is checked as None.
  10. Finally, select next and click done.

Link GoDaddy Workspace Webmail to Your iPhone

The above process was explained for Android smartphone users. If you are an iPhone user, you can also link your GoDaddy Webmail to your iPhone using below steps.

  1. Go to Settings on your iPhone.
  2. Then select Mail, and go to accounts Accounts and click Add Account.
  3. After that select others from the list and click Add Mail Account.
  4. Provide your name and all details of GoDaddy Webmail like GoDaddy email address and password.
  5. Then you can select between POP3 or IMAP.
  6. Enter your incoming mail server, ‘’, and Port 110 for POP3
  7. Similarly, if you are using IMPA, use ‘’ and Port 143 for IMAP.
  8. The outgoing SMTP server as ‘’ and Port 80.
  9. Security is None.
  10. After that, select next to verify the changed settings.
  11. Select Save once verified.

Link GoDaddy Workspace Webmail to Your Outlook

If you don’t use mobile too often or if you don’t want to use GoDaddy Webmail on your Smartphone, you can also configure it on your PC using Microsoft Outlook. Below given are all the required steps.

  1. First of all, open Outlook.
  2. Select File and Account Settings.
  3. Choose new under the Email tab.
  4. After that, you are supposed to provide your details including your name, GoDaddy email address, and password.
  5. You have the option to select a manual setup or additional server types at the bottom left.
  6. There, you need to enter your incoming mail servers, like ‘’ and Port 110 for POP3 or ‘’ and Port 143 for IMAP.
  7. Enter the outgoing SMTP server as ‘’ and Port 80. Security is None.
  8. Then select Ok and Outlook will test the connection to make sure all is okay.
How To Set Up GoDaddy Email


This tutorial was about “How To Set Up GoDaddy Email” as you will need to use GoDaddy for any of its offered services that includes Web Hosting, buying domains and many more. You can also link GoDaddy to your Android or iOS smartphone if you want to access it from your smartphone.

Do let us know if you face any issue while setting up GoDaddy Email and also give us your valuable feedback regarding our article about How To Set Up GoDaddy Email.

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