Is safe to use?

YouTube is a famous video content website and often people convert videos into MP3 files for audio tracks. But do you know that there is a website that offers to take a YouTube video and convert it into an MP3 file for you to download? In this tutorial, I will explain whether safe to use or not?

What is is a website that offers to take a YouTube video and convert it into an MP3 file for you to download. It means that you can simply download the MP3 file of any of your favorite Youtube videos. safe

It is quite simple to use as it takes a video stream, captures it, and convert it for you all online. You will be then able to download the MP3 file. It is a simple website but the question raises here is whether safe to use or not?

Is it legal?

There is a slight confusion when it comes to exactly know, what is legal and what is not. Any services that that uses for streaming and downloading will be considered illegal only if the video it is converting is copyrighted.

If the video it is streaming and converting to MP3 is copyright free, then it is absolutely legal. By rule, it is legal to stream content from a legitimate provider as long as you do not retain or record that stream.

At the moment, we have to agree to the above statements. If we go a little in-depth, the is being sued by RIAA in Los Angeles for enabling stream ripping. The RIAA is seeking $150,000 per track in compensation.

We can say that the website is not legally at all and RIAA may come after its users as it is already after the website.

Is safe from malware?

It can not be said about the safety of the website, but like any other website, the third-party advertisements can easily be hacked. The website claims to be safe but according to regular user’s feedback, ads pop up and are not so safe as claimed.

We can’t trust reviews because they can be crafted by the recording industry to ruin the image of the website. In the end, we can say that just like most of the websites, is safe itself but some of the advertising is doubtful.

Protecting yourself while using

As claimed by the website, and evidently no case of is reported serving malware, spying on users, or doing anything you might not like. But you never know what ads will be generated when you are using the website.

You have to be always careful about Malvertising which means that third party advertising is susceptible to hacking or to serving drive-by malware. You need to take the below-mentioned actions to keep yourself safe.

Prefer using an Adblock

The best way to keep yourself at a safe distance is to use an AdBlock. There are tons of free AdBlock extensions for Google Chrome or Firefox. You can also install use Winhelp2002 which is typically a host file blocker. There are multiple reasons to choose Winhelp2002 over any other Adblock.

It will let you install the free modified host’s file on any Windows computer and it automatically blocks all ad networks. The only downside of this adblocker is that you can’t whitelist ‘friendly’ ads as well.

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Use a VPN

A virtual private network is a simple software that hides your true identity and location. It is advised for every internet user to use VPN not only for but for every website for personal safety. Not only on your PC, but you should also have a VPN on your smartphone as well.

There are many VPN out there that offers both  mobile and desktop versions of their app, which will allow you to remain hidden and safe.

Enable Firewall Settings or use malware scanner

As a computer user and online internet surfer, you must have always enabled your firewall and besides your firewall, you should use some good quality Anti Virus or Malware scanner. Must allow them to update themselves if they can and automatically scan your computer when idle, or at regular intervals.

There are tons of antivirus software available for free and I am also using a free one. If you are more concerned about your security, you can use a paid version as well.

You can download a separate malware scanner like Malwarebytes. You have to manually update this software as it can’t update automatically.


In this tutorial, all information regarding whether safe or not and hopefully it will address your needs. If you have not used, follow these steps to ensure your security and safety.

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