Download SketchWare for PC Windows 10 and macOS

In today’s tutorial, I am going to show how you can download SketchWare for PC. Follow this article till the end to know all the features of SketchWare and requirements to download and install SketchWare for PC.


SketchWare is an application that helps you create your own apps. Now you don’t need to code to make your own applications and games. Sketchware is a block programming based integrated development environment (IDE) for developing mobile Android apps.  Not only drag and drop, but SketchWare is also fully compatible with Android Studio as well. It is based on a whole new concept called block programming.

Sketchware is an IDE that uses block language that transforms the complex language of text-based coding into visual, drag-and-drop building blocks. It means that coding can now be fun and easy. It provides you with documentation that you can follow easily. By following that documentation you can become a pro-level programmer. You can easily compile and build your own created application and install that file on your smartphone as APK.

SketchWare for PC

SketchWare has multiple examples of how to program. Those examples are easy to understand and you can do the rest of programming yourself. All the mentioned examples contain programming concepts you can understand by completing the project. This application is exactly similar to Scratch which was created by MIT. If you are developing an application with SketchWare, then it will automatically translate your source code for both Java and XML.

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SketchWare is an Android application, but now you can run any Android application on your PC or laptop. All you need is to download an Android emulator, and a few system requirements to run that emulator. Now you can start block programming from your desktop or laptop. Follow this tutorial to know all requirements and how you can install SketchWare for PC.

Requirements to download and install SketchWare for PC

You need the following requirements to download and install any Android application for PC. These requirements are typically for Bluestacks, other emulators may have other requirements. These requirements are the minimum ones. I am personally using Bluestacks.

  • You must have a desktop or laptop
  • Windos7/8/10 or Mac Operating system
  • Android emulator like Bluestacks, you can easily download here
  • A minimum of 4GB free hard drive space
  • At least 4GB RAM is needed
  • You need to follow this tutorial till the end
SketchWare for PC

How to download and install SketchWare for PC

  1. Download an Android emulator like Bluesatcks.
  2. Install the emulator and then log into it with your Google Account.
  3. Launch the emulator and open play store in it.
  4. In the Play Store, search for SketchWare and install it
  5. Let the app install, wait for the installation to end.
  6. After the installation ends, SketchWare will appear in the emulator and also on your Desktop.
  7. Launch SketchWare for PC and start using it.


This application is built for those who are innovative and want to create an amazing and creative application. Now you don’t have to code all the way from start to end, as it gives freedom of coding with drag and drop facility. Yes, you can just drag and drop items and build real-life applications. With this tool having an example of every method, you can learn the best of programming on your own and build applications for your needs.

In this tutorial, I have shown you all steps required to download and install SketchWare for PC. If you find any issue while installing SketchWare for PC, you are always welcome to raise your query via the comment section. We will reach out to you and get your query resolved.

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