Best Google Chrome Extensions To Download YouTube Videos

YouTube is considered asking when it comes to video entertainment. With over 5 billion monthly active users, it is for sure the best destination for video content. The problem is that that downloading videos to one’s local computer or device are not at all supported on the site’s free version. In this tutorial, I will show you Best Google Chrome Extensions To Download YouTube Videos.

Why Download YouTube Videos?

Downloading videos from YouTube is a much needed feature especially for those who want to enjoy videos on the go when they are out of reach of cellular data network.

Some may want to download videos for the purpose of remix, or editing or may be reviews for their own content. With tons of content it is ultimate destination for video content hunters.

You may want to extract mp3 music or any voice over for any purpose which still requires the video to get downloaded.

Other reason is once you download video in HD quality, you won’t use your data for watching the content online. It means that it can save you good amount of data and save you money.

Do you want YouTube Prime?

The reasons may vary from user to user but the point is YouTube doesn’t care about adding this feature of downloading to its free version. Although download feature is available in the premium version which will cost you $11.99 a month.

But I will never recommend paying for content that you can access for free. Interestingly, YouTube claims that it has over 1.5 million subscribers for it premium version. I don’t know how people find different ways to waste their money.

If you are someone who want to waste money in such a matter, you don’t need to read this tutorial and simply use the YouTube Premium version. But if you want to do it all for free, then follow this tutorial till the end.

Google Chrome Extensions To DownloadYouTube Videos

In this era of technology, everything you want from an online world is pretty much possible. There are standalone apps that will allow you to download YouTube videos. There are programs like VLC Media Player or Internet download manager with which you can easily download YouTube videos.

All the extnesions or Plug ins that we will show you today are not available in the Google Chrome store and none of them are supported by Google Chrome officially. Becasue of the Malware threat. But these extension are totally safe and secure for use as we have tested them.

Let us dive into the details of the Best Google Chrome Extensions To Download YouTube Videos.


FastestTube is a Google Chrome extension that is also compatible with Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Internet Explorer which you can use to Download YouTube Videos. This is a simple extension and in terms of features is quite simple. You can disable autoplay, annotations, and ads from right within the plugin itself.

Chrome Extensions To Download YouTube Videos

It also comes with Convenient filenames for subtitles (now video title is included on a par with the language). You can now easily share the info about your latest downloads with Facebook buddies. The installation process is a bit confusing which is explained below.

Download & Save YouTube Videos

Installation Steps

The downloading is not that difficult and you can easily download it from the FatestTube website. Once you are done with the installation, just extract the data from the zip file to a folder. Then open the extracted folder and click on the “Install.bat” file.

Then open the “Extension” page of your Google Chrome which you can find in the more tools tab from Chrome’s settings. After that drag the “fastesttube_2.2.10.1” file in the extracted folder onto the Extensions page. Click the Add button to add FastestTube to the browser. 

How to use FastestTube to download YouTube Video

Once you are done with the installation of this extension, when you open YouTube you can see a “Download” button has been added to the video. When you click the download button you can find a menu showing whether you want to download a video in audio or video format.

You have options to save the video in different resolutions like you can download video in either 360p or 720p in MP4 format. You can also save the video in high quality with resolution of 1080p. You can also download  with a higher quality M4A audio stream before syncing the two pieces together.

YouTube Video Downloader

YouTube Video Downloader is yet another extension for Google Chrome to Download & Save YouTube Videos but it is also compatible with Firefox, and Opera. This extension is comparatively better than the one explained previously. Using this extension is very simple.

Download & Save YouTube Videos
YouTube Video Downloader

All you have to do it to just navigate to the YouTube video you want to download and click the extension’s button and you can see red shield with a play icon in the extension pane in Google Chrome. It offers you various options of downloading videos and audios.

Installation Steps

You need to download the extension from its official website. Once you have downloaded the zip file, then extract the zip file. Then open the settings page of Google Chrome and jump into the more tools tab. From more tools select “Extensions”.

After that look for checkbox of developers option and click that to enable. After that click “Load unpacked extension” which will open a file explorer from Google Chrome. Then give the path where the extracted file of the extension is stored. It will automatically add the extension to Google Chrome.

Chrome Extensions To Download YouTube Videos
Youtube Video Downloader

Features of YouTube Video Downloader

This Google Chrome extension offers a bit more features as compared to the formerly mentioned one. You get a whole lot of options which makes it easy to change settings and preferences on the go. You have options to download the video in any formats like MP4, FLV, and WEBM. MP3-only files.

It also has an additional option of a screenshot button which helps you in taking PNG snapshot and downloading it to your system. Other functions include a pop-out mode and the ability to minimize the video in the corner while scrolling through the comments section.

YouTube DL

YouTube DL is an amazing tool but you won’t find it user friendly and the reason I am saying this is because it doesn’t have a graphical user interface.If you want to use its graphical user interface, you will need to download another program for that purpose.

Download & Save Youtube Videos
YouTube DL

This extension however, is under continuous development and regularly updated. This extension works with command line, if you are somehow familiar with command line it would be a piece of cake to use this app on Windows.  For MacOS users, you’ll have to be comfortable using Terminal to install this one.

How to use YouTube DL

Once you have installed the application, steps of installation can be found here, you may run the application through a command line by using the e.xecutable file in Windows or by using command-line interfaces on macOS.

What makes YouTube DL a great choice is that it works outside of YouTube exclusively. It simply means that all the changes to the YouTube platform UI shouldn’t stop you from downloading videos.

YouTube DL with GUI

When it comes to downloading videos with YouTube DL along with third party GUI, things are quite simple and standard. You can easily add URLs to your download list, view downloads, and that’s about it. You can set a custom location in your hard drive to where downloaded videos will be stored.

If you have no issue with a command-line interface, you can use online websites like GitHub where you can find a list of keywords and terminal instructions with which you can change the appearance and content of your download. Give this extension a try so that to Download & Save YouTube Videos.


KeepVid is another amazing extension. It is all in one solution for video content lovers because it is not only a video downloader but also a video and audio converter, editor, and compressor. This extension is totally free and is secure as well.

Download & Save YouTube Videos

This is one of most complete and a very famous extension used to Download & Save YouTube Videos. Here is how you can use it.

Installation Steps

The installation steps are not so lengthy or complex. All you have to do is to install TamperMonkey extension which is available in the Chrome store. The TamperMonkey extension allows for special userscripts.

After you have installed TamperMonkey, you will have an option to add KeepVid’s own userscript from their website. Just download the userscript and put it into effect and that’s it. There is no other rocket science.

Pros and Cons

This video downloader is no doubt one of the best available in the market. The problem with KeepVid is that the developers push their customers to its premium version. As downloading 1080p resolution video has been hidden behind a paywall.

Other than this problem, KeepVid is one of the best and complete extension to Download & Save YouTube Videos. KeepVid is the easiest to install, safest to use, and one of our favorite video downloader.

YouTube ByClick

YouTube ByClick is actually an Add-on program that runs with any browser including Google Chrome. You simply download the program, install it, and then leave it running. After that go to YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Daily Motion and many other video sites.

Chrome Extensions To Download YouTube Videos
YouTube ByClick

The program will automatically pop the download and just click the download button and your download will start. It is really simple and easy to use. It comes in both free and paid versions.

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Difference between Free and Paid Version

Both the versions of YouTube Byclick will download your favorite video. The only difference is that with the free version you can only download video clips, choose between MP3 and MP4 formats, and also specify the storage directory.

With the paid version (that costs $9.99) you can download the video in HD, as well as convert to AVI and WMV formats. The paid version allows for installation on up to three PCs. So you pay for one and enjoy on three PCs. The interface of the application is very simple and intuitive.

Final Words

All the extensions and Ad-ons that we talked about in order to Download & Save YouTube Videos, are hand tested and totally safe for use. Do give your best suit a try if you want to Download & Save YouTube Videos.

If you have any query regarding installation or downloading process, do let us know through the comment section. We will reach out to you as soon as possible and get your query sorted.

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