About us


Thank you for reaching out to the About Us page and showing interest in who we are and what we do. I hope you enjoy reading our blogs. Wirelessdigit is a  technology blog “For Digital Geeks, by Digital Geeks” backed by passionate software engineers and tech experts. We strive to provide you with best content with precise, concise and sufficient information accompanied with enjoyable content.

With a cluttered mobile app market and minimal app innovation for the desktop, we thought that we need to experience Android games and applications in multiple device environments without any constraint of device storage, screen size or separate OS. In simple words,  if you want to enjoy your Android games and applications on your PC without any hassle, Wirelessdigit is the place for complete guidance. Looking for a review of application before installing it, Wirelessdigit have reviews of bundle of applications for your satisfaction. We test application hands on before writing a review about it.   Here is what you will find on Wirelessdigit:

  • Hands on testing of applications and devices
  • Detailed tutorials about your favorite apps and devices
  • Reviews of different applications and devices 
  • Android apps and games issues resolution on PC
  • To better connect the PC and Mobile computing experience
  • To create a stronger connection between a person’s mobile and desktop life

We also provide tips and tricks for different applications and other devices to make more use of it. Our goal is to make the life of our readers easy by providing easy tips and tricks that will make you Android Geek from Android users. You can also interact with us through social networks. We are active on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.